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Animals Australia finally comes clean over being an animal rights group

Animals Australia is now a self proclaimed "animal protection organisation" which is the incrimental arm to animal rights.

Animal protectionism is not about animal welfare, but about changing the perception of non-human animal interests.

Animals Australia makes the improbable possible

How does a "charity" who's foundation is based on "If you become a vegan, you improve animal welfare", which provides no direct animal welfare get millions of public dollars? Only if you can make the improbable possible. Foodmythbusters reviews  Animals Australia's charitable status, activities and consequent tax exemptions.

Australia's first violent charity

For the first time in Australia's history, we now have a charity promoting violence against large sections of the Australian community.

kicking ass

Animal's Australia's forum for youth, the unleashed site where like minded vegans, wannabe vegans or people raising babies as vegans can discuss their hatred towards farmers and meat eaters.

Animals Australia declares war on animal sheds

With Animals Australia's agressive "Make it possible" campaign to shut down all "factory farming", which we assume means any animals in a shed, (don't get too smug RSPCA approved farms, you are included too), we wonder what the animals are thinking when the "not so secret" vegans come raiding and aggressively campaign to shut the family farm they are raised on.

Pigs do fly at Animals Australia

In one of the most bizarre ad campaigns the animal rights organisation Animals Australia has created yet, with creepy animation that humanises chickens and pigs, we are lead to believe that "factory farming" or intensive farming is the source of all evil. Animals with freedom and living "naturally" seems to be the agenda of the animal liberationists who no doubt live in open paddocks themselves, exposed to the elements while the dog-eat-dog laws of nature take control of their lives... Well, maybe not.

Animals Australia's hidden motive.

Ban Live Export? What Animals Australia don't want you to know

Eat the chicken, or I'll kill another

Even Ali G gets it. Animal activists are hard core vegans. No matter how humanely an animal is raised, They simply won't eat it as it's a violoation of animal rights NOT WELFARE!


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