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Animals Australia makes the improbable possible

How does a "charity" who's foundation is based on "If you become a vegan, you improve animal welfare", which provides no direct animal welfare get millions of public dollars? Only if you can make the improbable possible. Foodmythbusters reviews  Animals Australia's charitable status, activities and consequent tax exemptions.

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Here are our current ads to help Australians understand the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.

This video is a warning to parents and educators that animal rights groups have access to school children and are giving them a fact challenged education on animals and agriculture.


Animals Australia and the RSPCA share a proud moment

Now, at Food Myth Busters, we try and educate the public that 99% of the time, you are going to rely on a farmer for what you eat. But it seems down at the Church of Animals Australia and the RSPCA they are teaching something quite different. Word of advice dear, don't cuss out the farmers with your mouth full.

RSPCA pride

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