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Animals Australia


Animals Australia represent a group of animal rights lobbyists who masquerade as "Animal Welfare Advocates" but don't spend a cent on animal welfare outcomes, but hundreds of thousands on vegan advertising and employment costs. They divert animal lovers donated money to lobbying and advertising costs, accepting loans from Animal Liberation SA, while fronting on media programs such as "Australian Story" as animal welfare advocates. Desperate to be seen as mainstream, Lyn White complains that industry lobbyists portray the animal rights organisation as extreme. Many in mainstream society agree with the humane use of animals for food, fibre and research and believe it is EXTREME to put the rights of a lab rat before the rights of a sick child. It is EXTREME to use progoganda, fluffy mascots and celebrities to solicitate a child into a diet that is potentially dangerous. Industry lobbyists would have no interest in Animals Australia if to was not an aggressive animal rights lobbying group.

The core of Animals Australia is a moral argument that the use of animals for human benenfit is morally wrong. Believing in their own moral righteousness, this gives them permission to behave aggressively towards people who do benefit from animals. The extreme ideology that a lab rats rights comes before the rights of a sick child dehumanises their targets and places their foot soldiers in a justified position to commit crimes and other acts of aggression. The Animal Australia's Unleashed forum is a festering mess of hatred towards people, inspiring violence, dehumanising arguments for putting animals before people and fostering peer group pressure for children and youth to become vegan. (See references)

Brightside sanctuary founder Emma Haswell who appeared on Australian Story along side Lyn White and Jan Cameron lobbying Animals Australia also introduces children to International Animal Liberation groups that have been involved in arson and terrorist activities overseas by providing a bright side school pack in schools (Quotes from Ingrid Newkirk). Court records show that Ingrid Newkirk (PETA) herself was involved in an ALF arson. The FBI considers Animal Liberation Front among America's most active and prolific terrorist groups of which PETA manages its public relations. Al Queda would have no chance to chat to children at an Australian school, but it's OK for Bright side, Animals Australia's cell group to introduce children to known terrorist organisations?
Targeting children, using young children in ad campaigns to repeat phrases like " I'm pregnant again", celebrity activists with big fluffy mascots, Animals Australia will use any tactic necessary to build their propaganda machine.

CEO Glenys Oogies has no trust in any farmers. "Even at the best practice farm. It's impossible to know. ". Does this include their own benefactor Jan Cameron, who has so kindly put up her millions or do they only trust her money?

How are we going to eat if we can't trust farmers? What about the field mice that where slaughtered during wheat harvest? Or the birds that have be killed with pesticides. Does cruelty free food exist? The outcomes of implementing animal rights ideology will only lead to unnecessary human suffering.

Download our Animals Australia fact sheet.


Example of blogs from Animals Australia's foot soldiers on the unleashed forum

This is a youth describing his new tattoo on the Unleashed forum.

"To compliment the upper arm piece I want a portrait of my dog, framed on my inner forearm. Under the portrait, a white rose symbolizing The White Rose (student anti-NAZI organization) to symbolize that we need to make sacrifices, sometimes the ultimate, to do what is right." - Matt, Y , VIC- Animals Australia and  Animal Liberation Youth member www.unleashed 24 Jun 2009

"Well I started screaming at my teacher. Then she was saying comments like silly, eat meat like an Aussie, so I threw a chair at her" - unleashed blogger
"Anger is alot more powerful than apathy" - unleashed blogger
"I have been diagnosed with psychotic depression....Hate the human race. Would take animals over humans any day" - unleashed blogger
"Yes, I'm vegetarian since 11 years old" - unleashed blogger