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Voiceless - keeping the disadvantaged and environment quiet

Voiceless, the self-proclaimed "Animal Protection Institute"  founded by Brian and Ondine Sherman is an animal rights organisation determined to solicitate Australians to become vegan by running a smear campaign against farmers, researchers and veterinarians. Brain Sherman who made his fortune as a fund manager of Equitilink is now on a crusade to destroy all animal agriculture and research in Australia. He believes that animals can understand to concept of death.  The animal rights activists are seeking full legal rights for the animals. Our logic tells us a veterinarian is better equipped to improve animal welfare than an animal rights lawyer on the voiceless panel. By projecting human characteristics onto animals, and dehumanising people, they use their fuzzy emotive logic to blur the lines between animal welfare and animal rights.

Tactics such as exposing children to pictures of slaughtered animals or introducing teenagers to violent and extreme ideology is justified as their actions are the less of two evils. Placing the rights of lab rats before sick children, this extreme ideology makes anyone who uses animals for their benefit easy targets as the Sherman's look down on them with moral righteousness. Industries are left tongue tied as their utopian position of no human interference, everything is left to nature and because animals have rights no suffering occurs, at face value seems morally bullet proof. The false dicotomy is then laid out: Your either for or against animal welfare. But if we follow their logic, we end up with a calamity of outcomes. To say that a veterinaran is not for animal welfare because they are not a vegan, is as bizarre as it is outrageous. 

There are plenty of animals in shelters in need of a new home or food donations at a local shelter, but Voiceless do not support these hands on animal welfare outcomes. Voiceless advocates "Old McDonald's" farm for omnivores, but what would be the consequences of rejecting modern veterinary science? Would:

  • Australia end up like Zimbabwe or parts of South Africa with small plot farming, unable to feed itself or anyone else?
  • Expand into intact ecosystems to grow vegetable based protein which will be reliant on huge amounts of fertilizer and pesticide?
  • phosphrous resources be completely mined out, widespread soil erosion and the country not be able to replace the soil nutrient in Australia as has occured for thousands of years?
  • Wide spread malnutrition and hunger occur as grazing is stopped. Ruminant animals no longer convert unusable grass to available protein and vitamins?
  • Import other developing nations sources of protein like the US consumed the Americas quinoa which they can no longer afford?
  • Australians be willing to let their loved ones die as no animal research is banned?
  • force omnivores to comply to vegan laws even though they suffer from vitamin deficancies?

Life would just be easier if animal activists just respected other peoples choices.

Here are some "hearts of gold" books from the recommended reading list of Voiceless to desensitise young readers into using violence and dehumanising people.

 Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?  

Which one would you save? If you choose your child, you may be suffering moral schizophrenia. Speaking of "our moral schizophrenia" in the fact that we recognize that animals have some interests that humans are morally and legally obligated to respect, but that we still treat them as our property, the author expands on this schizophrenia with a well-thought out, logical discussion of the way animals should be treated--as fellow, sentient occupants of the planet.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals

 Amazon review "An unapologetic, impassioned, articulate and above all, rational defense of the militant tactics and philosophy of those on the front lines to save the earth and all its creatures. This authoritative work ought to be mandatory reading for everyone concerned with the future of creative dissent, radical change, and putting ethics into action. --Ramsey Kanaan, AK Press "


"In this respect, children provide the brightest hope. Children have tender hearts, that is to say, children have hearts that have not yet been hardened by years of cruel and unnatural battering. Given half a chance, children see through the lies with which advertisers bombard them (the happy chooks that are transformed painlessly into succulent nuggets, the smiling moo-cow that donates to us the bounty of her milk). It takes but one glance into a slaughterhouse to turn a child into a lifelong vegetarian. " - J. M. Coetzee, Nobel Prize for Literature Winner 2003 and Voiceless Patron,and read by Voiceless Ambassador, Hugo Weaving at the exhibition opening of Voiceless: I feel therefore I am, at the Sherman Galleries on Thursday, 22 February 2007.