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Our Mission

First and foremost, Food Myth Busters respects and seeks to preserve every individuals right to choose what food they put in their mouth. Australia is lucky to have such a diverse choice in food sources. However, in our modern country, there are an extraordinary amount of baseless claims made about the food we eat.

Most of us where born free thinkers and grow to be consumers free to  make our own choices. Australia is a free country where most people respect others food choices. Food Myth Busters is exposing the propaganda food lobbyists push, often with a single minded focus, without regard to the consequences. Or in somes cases a deliberate attempt to destroy an Austrailan industry. If Australia was to accept the propaganda, the environmental, social, cultural, economic outcomes would be deplorable. Our children's future food and culture would be put at risk. 

Subtle innuendo, slick ad campaigns, blatant shock joke tactics and targeting children are just some of the methods used by food lobbyists to achieve their end goals. Food Myth Busters will expose them all.

Food Myth Busters absolutely condemns cruelty to animals, unsustainable environmental practices and any ideology that is anti-humanitarian. We will not be distracted by the side show of food lobbyists who claim know better than us or be morally superior. 
Food Myth Busters fully supports the use of animals and animal related industries that
meaningfully address the issues of sustainability, animal welfare, food security and
food safety.

Food Myth Busters will expose the money, ideology and objectives of food lobbyists.
Food Myth Busters will bring logic and reason back to the forefront. We are united by common sense with the goal of better outcomes for the entire community.